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Raptors of the Round Table

Medieval Recreation, Educational Presentations, Entertainment Venues
Photo and film opportunities available.

A Division of Wingover Inc.

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Our first love is of course entertainment. Along with this we have the privilege and honor to help the public at large to learn about the rich history of Falconry its raptorial species, their care, welfare and training; To promote conservation of the birds of prey and an appreciation of their value in nature and in wildlife conservation programs; to urge maintenance of falconry as a legal field sport; and to continue traditions which will aid, perpetuate and further the welfare of falconry and the raptors it employs.

Raptors of the Round Table

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Our past Venues

We have many " Looks" to suit your clients entertainment needs.

Harry Potter

Game of Thrones

Full Medieval Encampment

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More Venues

The Owlery

Raptor Education

Full Armour Displays

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Our Pirate look at the " Scalawags " week at Faire

Raptors of the Round Table

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ROR Rules

We are licensed Master Falconers in the State of Florida and the United States.
We hold both the State of Florida and United States Federal Fish and Wildlife Service permits for possession of raptors with a combined total of twenty five years of Raptor experience. We hold as well the Federal Abatement license and the State of Florida Class III wildlife exhibition license. ROR is also fully insured. To possess any Raptor without proper permits permits is against both Federal and State laws punishable by both fines and jail time.

The Staff of Raptors of The Round Table.

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